Programming and Databases

In addition to your website design, website hosting and maintenance needs, you may want your web site to be interactive. The following are some of the applications we can program for you. All of these come with a password protected administration section.

  • Calendars
  • Classified Ads
  • Mailing Lists
  • Discussion Groups
  • Data Collection
  • Coupons
  • Reservation Systems
  • Min-e-CommerceŠ Storefront Software
  • InTel-e-QuoteŠ Phone System Quote System Software
  • On Line Community GuideŠ
And in addition, we can program almost anything that you would like, that you feel would improve the functionality of your site.

Remember... you do not need to pay $125.00 hr. for these systems. Aside from the low $85.00 hr., we also offer discounted package prices. We are here to make your web experience a pleasant one, as well as an affordable one.

We are a family team and have been in the website design business in RI for more than 11 years. Our goal is to make your website design project an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

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What's The Difference Between
Programming and HTML?

When the World Wide Web came into existence in 1990, the tools that web designers had were virtually non-existent.  HTML was the language of choice to create web pages and most of the coding was done with Notepad or some other text editor.  HTML is just a formatting language.  It can make words bold, italicized, different colors and align pictures and words to the left or the right or in the center.  Unfortunately, HTML does not know what it is formatting.  It cannot tell whether it is formatting a picture or words or any other element.  Therefore HTML is not data aware. It only formats.

Programming on the other hand, allows the user to interact with the server to retrieve information that they may be looking for.  Every time you go shopping online, there is a program running which allows you to communicate with the server and see the product you are looking for.  In most cases this information is held in a database and the program asks the database for the information that you have requested, and returns it to your browser formatted in HTML.

Programming handles the manipulation of data.  It can take a request from a user and send the information to be stored in the database.  Programming makes it possible to build ecommerce sites, calendar of events, forms to purchase tickets, reservation services and just about any other system that you can think of.

Included in programming is a special language which allows the program to talk to a database and request, retrieve and return information to the user.  This language is called SQL or Structured Query Language. Any program accessing a database includes this language to complete the transaction.

In addition there are several types of databases that can be used online, such as: Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, Microsoft Access and many others.

There are several programming languages used to develop applications on the web, such as: PHP, Microsoft ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, ASP as well as several others.  In conjunction with Javascript and Cascading stylesheets, you can have a robust, fully data aware website that can meet all of our web needs.

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