About John Flanders

John Flanders, owner and operator, was born and raised in Newport RI.  He attended De La Salle Academy and graduated in 1966.  During the summer of 1966, he attended computer programming school in Silver Spring Md.  He returned to Newport where he began his computer career as a programmer for the US government.  He is a Vietnam veteran, and served in the US navy.  The following are highlights of John's qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Information Science - Johnson & Wales Univ.
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Programmer in Computer Communications since 1978
  • Software Designer for The Virtual Physician - 1990
  • Member: Board of Advisors Computer Div. - New England Institute of Technology
  • Member: Board of Advisors Computer Science - Mass Bay Community College
  • Past President - Board of Directors: Portsmouth Business Association (2005-2008)
  • Member: Newport County Chamber of Commerce
  • Instructor: World Wide Web Development, Learning Tree International
  • Instructor: ASP Programming, New England Institute of Technology
  • VP of Programming and Development - Web Services International, 1995-1997
  • Owner, Operator JFTR, LLC Internet Company 1997-2001
  • To Present - Owner, John Flanders Internet Consulting
  • 2011 Portsmouth Business of the Year - Portsmouth Business Association & Portsmouth Rotary Club.

Now that you know a bit about his qualifications, why not take a look at our services and portfolio. Our fees are affordable and reasonable.

How Does A Two Person Company Produce So Many Websites?

Our business model has changed over the years.  In 1996 when we first began the planning of our company, formerly JFTR.COM, we were a company of 4 partners, operating our own ISP and Hosting from our home office.  We had 27 servers hosting well over 200 websites.  We supplied a local dial-up company with their service.  We also never could leave the equipment for any amount of time, because in the Internet world, what could go wrong, will go wrong.  After a few all nighter's fixing a mail server or installing the newest servers to keep up with the change in technology, we decided that it would be much more efficient to let a large, dependable web hosting company take over the hosting and mail chores.  Our other two partners eventually went on to pursue other interests.

Now, we have a core team of subcontractors who are highly skilled in several different technologies.  We evaluate your requirements for your website and then we put together a team, all working on a single phase of the site. Sometimes, the site is worked on by one person alone, or by two or more people.

The most important fact is that John Flanders Internet Consulting is the central point of contact.  Reports and test sites are sent here to be reviewed and then we get back with the developer with either an approval or if we have found a bug or if the work needs a bit more to come up to requirements.

So therefore, we do not have a large overhead to support, turn out good, reliable work, and pass the savings on to you, our client.

Member of the Newport County
Chamber of Commerce