Skydive Newport

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Skydive Newport

Marc Tripari, owner of Skydive Newport, has over 30 years experience and has over 13,000 Jumps/Tandem Jumps under his belt.  When I met Marc in 1999, he was looking to redesign an old clunky site.  Since then we have once again re-designed in 2011 using WordPress.  Now Marc can post all his own testimonials and announcements.

Now you can experience the sport of skydiving with confidence! With the passenger/pilot system, you can now make your first skydive with greater safety than ever before. Your parachute, specially built for two, will carry you to a soft, pinpoint landing.

The development of the Tandem system has opened the sport of skydiving to the general public, allowing us to offer your first jump without the extensive ground training. You will be attached to a highly trained instructor by a special harness, and together you will experience approximately 40 seconds of freefall and a five minute parachute ride. The instructor can provide you hands on training, and you can even assist in flying the parachute down for a nice soft landing.

Make Your Reservation Today  For More Information at! 1.877.SCENIC DZ or 401-845-0393.