Beware of the “Free Website” Ads

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Have  you seen the ads on TV?  “Get a custom built website from the experts at for FREE! No setup fee, no long-term commitment.”  How true, right? Wrong.  Let’s take a look at their strategy.  They waive all their design and setup fees and all you would be paying for, on a monthly basis is their marketing and maintenance of your site.  Yes you can cancel at anytime because there are NO CONTRACTS.

You only pay $114.95 per month for their
marketing and maintenance of your site.

In addition, if you cancel, you own nothing but your domain name, even if they registered it for you.  If you want to keep the site they built for you for “free” it will cost you $1,000.00 to obtain the rights to your own website.

Read their “Additional Terms and Conditions” at WEB.COM

If you keep their plan for 1 year, and decide to move your hosting to a more reasonable plan somewhere else, here’s how it works out:

$1,379.40(12 months at $114.95) + $1,000.00 (to buy your site from them) = $2,379.40 for your first year.

John Flanders Internet Consulting

$800.00 ( Fee to build your site)  + $240.00 (12 months hosting at $20.00) = $1,040.00 for your first year.

“I have been told the best things in life are free ~ I found them very expensive.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri

John Flanders has worked in the computer field beginning in 1967. He has run John Flanders Internet Consulting Since 1997

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