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This Article was released to our email subscribers last year warning of upcoming changes – 2018,

To our valued customers

We are sending an occasional newsletter to let you know what is happening in the world of your website hosting.  First of all we certainly appreciate that you have been with us for a long period of time and would like to say thank you!

This newsletter is to inform you of a change in hosting requirements.  A programming language, on which most sites running WordPress has released an update, as well as ceasing support for the present version. PHP 5 will no longer be supported after January 1st, 2019.

PHP language is, what we in the industry call ‘Open Source’.  Which means anyone can use it to write programs, enhance wordpress or build WordPress plugins. The supported version is always being updated to thwart hackers. Once support is no longer available for PHP 5, your website will eventually be found and attacked by hackers.  If your site is not running PHP 7.0 after January 1st, you’ll become open to these hackers.

1.    A compatibility test for PHP 7.0 will need to be run against your site.  Any incompatibilities must be corrected before migrating to 7.0.
2.    Compatibility will range from an easy fix to a more complex method of discovery and correction.
3.    To fix complex issues, we take a full copy of your site and database.  We will then try to fix the errors and re-scan your site.  If the site is adversely affected by any changes, we will restore it to the original working site, until it is compatible.
4.    If there are no incompatibilities on the second scan, we will then move your site to PHP 7.0.

We sincerely hope your site is compatible.  We keep on top of all updates from the suppliers of themes and plugins. Therefore, incompatibilities with new Internet requirements are not covered under your hosting agreements, and in some cases, will involve your participation.

Thanks again


John Flanders
Owner, John Flanders Internet Consulting.