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To our faithful and valued customers,

There comes a time when they say, “all good thing must come to an end” But I say when one door closes, another one opens up. For the past 24 years, it has been quite a journey for me and my wife/partner, Roxanne. We’ve made some wonderful relationships over the years. We’ve seen old friends go and new friends arrive. We’ve prided ourselves on the philosophy to treat our customers the way we want to be treated ourselves. Also, just as important, is to provide the best, quickest support as we possibly could. All of you deserve that service for trusting us with your Internet needs. For me, it is bittersweet to have made this decision to retire from the Internet and Web Design business, but we leave with no regrets of our performance as, virtually, early pioneers of the Internet. Again we cannot express our gratitude for being not only our clients, but people that we truly cared about.

I would like to let you know. that this is a delayed retirement, due to the fact I was unable to find a company that I was confident would carry on as we did. Earlier this year, that concern would be alleviated, when I was introduced to Jeff St. Onge, president and owner of J Arthur & Company. Jeff’s company has an impressive record of not only great web services and support, but also a wide range of services for your marketing needs. Did I forget to mention that J. Arthur & Company is local and his office is in Newport. That being the final criteria, we will be passing on our company to Jeff and J. Arthur & Company.

Please call us at 401-855-3638 for more information about this move.

With Best Regards and Gratitude,
John & Roxanne Flanders